The offer is good for 50 cents off per gallon at BP and Amoco gas stations.

Healthcare workers and first responders are working hard to help people in distress due to COVID-19. Many companies have been stepping up offering free meals, coffee, and hotel rooms. BP America is helping out by giving frontline workers a discount on their gasoline bill. From now through April 30, BP is giving away $1 million in gas at BP and Amoco stations across the country. To get the discount, health workers have to visit a website and register for a special code to use at the pump.

The gas savings program is open to doctors, nurses, hospital workers, policemen, firefighters, and paramedics. You must register through a link on the BP website, and you will get a special code that will give you 50 cents off per gallon at the pump. Each person can use the code twice through June 30, 2020. The 50 cents off per gallon offer is good through April 30 or until the $1 million worth of gas has been claimed.

gas pump handle

Photo by Skitterphoto from Pexels

BP joins several companies that are showing America’s first responders appreciation for the difficult jobs they are doing every day. Hilton and American Express have partnered together to give workers free hotel rooms, Hertz is providing free rental cars, and Delta has been offering doctors and nurses free airfare to coronavirus hotspots. Uber is offering free rides and providing meals, Dunkin’ is giving them free donuts, and Starbucks is keeping them fueled up with free coffee.

Visit to find a gas station near you and learn how to redeem the code at the pump.