With bitterly frigid temperatures in the windy city, street vendors are struggling to sell to customers.

Many Americans work hard, and that's definitely true of the street vendor. Each day starts well before dawn as the unique foods are prepared with skill. They're packaged and packed for mobile delivery on the streets of downtown Chicago, and many cities across the United States.

Though winter can be even tougher on a street vendor. Not only do the outside temperatures require vendors to bundle up, but they also need to have extra consideration for keeping their food at proper temperatures. Winter temperatures also cause regular customers to remain indoors or to travel by cab or bus and not be on the streets purchasing food from street vendors.

With huge respect for street vendors as culinary entrepreneurs and business owners, Robert Magiet, owner of TaKorea Cocina, has driven the streets of Chicago many times seeking hard-working street vendors. 

Initially reported by CNN, Robert shared that he didn't keep the tamales for himself or even his restaurant. He takes the purchased tamales and other food items to Love Fridges across the Chicago area. These community pantries and refrigerators hold food, free of charge, for those in need.

"All it takes is one act of kindness and others will notice and join in. Together we can all make a huge difference in others' lives. It's never been more important to support each other," Robert Magiet told CNN.

We can all take Robert's lead in big or small ways. And the next time you're in Chicago, be sure to grab a meal at TaKorea Cocina

What do you think of Magiet's team purchasing dozens of tamales and enabling street vendors to call it a day? Share in the comments below.