By the end of the year, french fries could be in short supply for the United States and Canada because of unseasonably cold weather.

The United States and Canada may experience a french fry crisis within the coming months. An increase in cold weather, starting back in October, has affected potato spud growth, according to the Smithsonian. As a result, potato crops are limited, and the price of the surviving crops is projected to rise.

The United States Department of Agriculture is predicting a 6.1 percent decrease for potatoes in 2019 if the problem continues. 

Courtesy of Giphy

According to Bloomberg, the last french fry shortage hit the United States and Canada in 2010. Luckily, potato farmers in Idaho and Alberta were able to collect some of their heartier crops and protect them from the cold weather. However, farmers in Manitoba, North Dakota, and Minnesota were forced to relinquish what they had.

Twitter, of course, weighed in on the horror, upon learning of the shortage:

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