If your current phone service is through T-Mobile, or if you've ever applied for an account with them, listen up.

A recent hack has exposed the personal data of millions of people, according to a T-Mobile press release. The data breach was discovered and official notice of the event was published on August 16. The company has since enlisted the help of forensic investigators who are confident that they closed the access point that enabled the cyberattack.

So far, estimates reflect that the cyberattack reached approximately 7.8 million current post-paid T-mobile accounts and over 40 million records of former customers and applicants. While financial information like credit card numbers and bank accounts don't seem to be part of the information leaked, sensitive data like social security numbers and dates of birth were exposed.

The investigation into this hack is ongoing and updates are being published as they arise. For now, affected customers can take the following measures by clicking here:

  • Change your password for the T-Mobile website.
  • Change your accounts PIN.
  • Sign up for free credit monitoring with McAfee.
  • Activate "Scam Shield," a T-Mobile product designed to help filter scam calls.

If you think your personal information may have been included in the recent hack, be sure to keep a close eye on your credit report through your financial institution and jump on any discrepancies as soon as you notice them. Identity theft is no joke and can often take months to clear up.

For more information about the cyberattack and the ongoing investigation, see the official T-Mobile website created just for this event. You can also follow along for the most recent press releases on the T-Mobile newsroom website.

Are you a T-Mobile customer who has tried signing up for the new security measures? How did it go for you? Sound off in the comments.