What started as awkward turned into friendship as a winter storm swept through Texas.

Chelsea Timmons was visiting in Austin, Texas, earning some extra money delivering grocery orders. She knew the winter storm was headed her way, and she planned to head home to Houston right after one more delivery.

Little did she know she'd end up stuck in the driveway of her client. Doug Condon and Nina Richardson warned Chelsea of the ice freezing on the steps leading up to their home.

After Chelsea made the grocery delivery, she was unable to get her car back onto the main road. The couple tried to help move the car, but it proved to be too much for the three of them. Roadside assistance was already overbooked by stranded motorists.

Doug and Nina extended southern hospitality to Chelsea and invited her to stay. They cooked her a steak dinner, and Chelsea was in charge of baking a coconut cake.

In an interview, Doug mentioned they have grown daughters. They hoped that if one of their daughters was stranded that kindhearted people would be right there to help.

"I was BLESSED to be sheltered throughout the entire ordeal. I experienced no cold, no hunger, nor fear. My only discomfort was overcoming a bit of awkwardness as I got to know my host family. Most were not as fortunate," said Chelsea.

The three admitted it was awkward at first. Though, they quickly became acquainted. And after the winter storm cleared enough for travel and after five full days as an unexpected guest, Chelsea made the trip home to Houston.

Chelsea's parents and dogs were elated to see her. 

What a blessing in disguise. Doug and Nina consider Chelsea as part of the family, and Chelsea couldn't agree more.

"Completely BLESSED all the way around!!," she said.

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