Prospective students will have the option to withhold scores. 

DU is joining a growing number of universities across the country that eliminated SAT and ACT scores from the application process. More than 1,000 colleges and universities are currently application-optional schools, including the University of Chicago, American University, and Wake Forest University. 

According to Chancellor Rebecca Chopp, the decision was made to remove barriers for those applicants who may not have the resources to succeed on the tests. The university feels that this will open the doors to more low-income and first-generation students, as well as those who have different learning styles.


“The University of Denver is committed to access, equity and diversity, and this decision strengthens that commitment,” said Chancellor Rebecca Chopp in a release. “A test-optional admission process aligns with our strategic plan, DU IMPACT 2025, by removing barriers for those who may lack standardized test-prep resources but who are exceptional students.”

DU offers that studies have shown that high school grades are the best indicator of college performance, and standardized testing has a low correlation to student success and determination as they pursue a degree. 

Students who wish to can still submit their test scores, and academic performance in high school will still be the most important factor in admission decisions. Students will now be able to present their best academic profile despite their performance on standardized testing.

“Oftentimes an ACT or SAT score is more reflective of a student’s economic background and the resources of their school, rather than demonstrating the student’s academic abilities and college preparedness,” said Todd Rinehart, vice chancellor for enrollment. “We want to place our focus on curriculum and performance in school, and provide students the choice as to how their academic record is presented.”

If you are hoping to attend DU, check out the undergraduate admission website to learn more about the test-optional policy.

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