This Texas emergency room doctor is self-isolating on a whole other level, quite literally.

We're all taking precautions to keep ourselves and those around us safe and healthy amid the coronavirus pandemic. But an emergency room doctor from Corpus Christi, Texas, is taking things up a notch.

When Jason Barnes and his wife, Jenna, set up a treehouse for their two sons, they wanted it to be a cool clubhouse, complete with sparkling lights and more. However, they never would've guessed the treehouse would be a long-term crash pad for Jason, an emergency room physician in Corpus Christi at Christus Spohn Hospital South. 

Dr. Barnes’ living quarters have gotten a bit of attention after his wife shared their current situation on YouTube, in a video titled "Cribs: Quarantine Edition” ER Doc in Treehouse."

“As the wife of an ER Physician who is treating Covid 19 positive patients, quarantine looks a bit different for us. We felt that the safest way to navigate this pandemic was to have my husband not live in the house with us. So he came up with a plan to quarantine himself... in our TREEHOUSE 😂. We are taking this situation seriously and greatly miss having Daddy in the house. However, we all need a little humor in our lives right now!”

Dr. Barnes became concerned about exposing his family after caring for patients who had tested positive for coronavirus. With electricity and a bunk bed, the set-up—while not exactly comfortable—is working for now. He can see his kids from a distance, and his wife prepares his meals and leaves them on a table outside.

For Dr. Barnes, it's worth the discomfort and outdoor pests to keep his family safe from the virus.  

This is likely not the accommodations we expect to see hardworking doctors and healthcare workers living in while they help to fight COVID-19. So, we applaud the Barnes family for their efforts and appreciate that Dr. Barnes is working so hard to keep both his family and patients safe.

What do you think about this doctor’s decision to live in a treehouse while he treats patients with coronavirus? Sound off in the comments.