You've heard of catch and release, but we bet you've never seen this before!

You've heard of catch and release—but have you ever seen it with an alligator? Abdul Gene Malik hadn't either—until he saw an alligator in front of his Orlando home. 

A father and a veteran, Malik told Buzzfeed he went into "full dad mode trying to protect my children," but that he was also "determined to return the gator to its home peacefully without causing any harm." 

In a video posted to his Instagram last week, when he saw the gator, he pushed an open trash bin towards it, hoping to trap it inside. The alligator just kept backing up until Malik rushed it. He asked "onlookers to tell him when the alligator's head (was) inside the bin," then bopped it on the head with the lid, stunning it temporarily. While it recovered, Malik shoved the bin towards it, eventually getting enough of its body in the garbage can that he could tip it up and let gravity do the rest of the work. 

He held the lid down and wheeled it "across the street and down a hill in order to release the alligator to a lake, captioning the whole escapade, "I got kids to protect lol.... Army strong shit." 

He told Buzzfeed he wasn't very afraid, explaining, "I'm a vet—I've been through it all!" Except for gator wrangling, we're guessing—until today!

We're so impressed by his quick thinking—and his commitment to returning the alligator to his home!

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