Kids can listen to a special goodnight message from six Disney characters this month.

Every parent of a young child has experienced difficulties in getting their children to sleep. So, the Disney Store is making it a little bit easier for a couple of weeks with the “Disney Bedtime Hotline.” Beginning on Sept. 16, 2019, parents can call a toll free number and have kids listen to a goodnight message from a variety of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars characters. The bedtime hotline is part of a promotion for the company’s new pajama collection and is open through the end of September.

disney hotline

This the second year that the Disney Store has opened up the bedtime hotline. To use the hotline, call (877) 7-MICKEY or (877) 764-2539 and follow the prompts. Kids can choose to hear a message from Woody, Jasmine, Mickey Mouse, Yoda, Spider-Man, or Anna and Elsa from Frozen. The call is free, and parents can make a call so each of their children can listen to a character of their choice. Each message lasts about 60 seconds, and the system will also ask you to opt-in for a text message promoting the store’s new nightwear collections.

Disney Adventure Box

Courtesy of The Disney Store

The Disney Store is also launching new pajamas and nighttime accessories, as well as a special subscription box. The line includes nightgowns, pajamas, plush characters, slippers, and blankets.

The store is also launching a Disney Adventure Bedtime Box, a subscription box that starts at $27.99. Boxes will include pajama sets, books, blankets, pillows and bath toys. The boxes are designed to help parents with nighttime routines by including reward charts, activity cards, and stickers. Parents can subscribe or buy the boxes on an individual basis. The program will also have special birthday and holiday boxes.

Which Disney character do you want to hear a goodnight message from?