If you enjoy movies about apocalyptic futures, you may have given yourself a psychological advantage for lockdown.

Hunkering down at home has been a challenge most of us have never experienced. Boredom, stir craziness, and overall fear of COVID-19 has dealt us a serious blow. However, some are handling it better than others, and the reason may surprise you.

Apocalyptic horror movies like A Quiet Place and shows like The Walking Dead feature protagonists dealing with major lockdown requirements. And those of us who enjoy this material seem more comfortable with our current circumstances.

According to new data, fans of post-apocalyptic stories are less paranoid these days. Coltan Scrivner is a researcher at the University of Chicago, and his team conducted a survey with 310 participants. They were asked about their entertainment preferences, their preparedness for lockdown, and their general feelings during the pandemic.

Results showed that participants who enjoyed these horrific stories seem to be coping a lot better. Scrivner told the Guardian, “If it’s a good movie, it pulls you in and you take the perspective of the characters, you are rehearsing the scenarios.”

Viewers of these movies and shows are apparently more confident in their survival skills. They’ve seen what people are capable of, albeit fictionally, when extreme conditions hit. They’re also more confident in the food and supplies they stock up. It must also be said that many of these programs portray a much darker scenario than we see now. This virus doesn’t appear quite as intimidating when you’ve watched a movie where zombies take over.


The 2011 movie "Contagion"

The 2011 horror film Contagion has seen an increase in streaming since the coronavirus pandemic started, likely because people have a morbid curiosity in this unfamiliar territory. Perhaps we’ll see a new, larger fanbase for this material studying up on their survival tactics.

Whether they’re more prepared or they’re just relieved not to see zombies or alien invaders, fans of these stories may have a real psychological advantage here.

What are your thoughts? Are you a fan of apocalyptic fiction? How did it affect your preparedness for a pandemic? Tell us in the comments!