This one's right up there with the stock market crash, amirite?

If you're dependent upon Google Drive for any reason, things may have gotten a little dicey for you today.

Around 1 p.m. EST on Monday, January 27, online storage and file-sharing service Google Drive seemingly ran into technical issues, keeping thousands of users across the country from being able to access their documents.

In the meantime, users flocked to social media to express their frustration and commiserate:

As of publication time, Down Detector was showing more than 24,000 reports of outages. Google has yet to say what the problem might be, though it seems that users' access is being restored little by little. Here in our OCN office, everything seems to be back to hunky-dory.

Are you having a Google Drive outage? Has accessibility been restored? Let's commiserate in the comments!