The trade-in car seat promotion will be running through September 30!                

In honor of National Baby Safety Month, Walmart is offering parents the option to trade in their old, used car seats for a $30 gift card! (YES!!) The deal is running from now until September 30 and is limited to two car seats per household.

Now, don't worry about which car seat you plan to turn in; Walmart is accepting any and all brands in exchange for a free Walmart gift card. This is a major win for parents because 'cause parenting ain't cheap!

While the program proudly provides parents with some extra much-needed cash, mostly the hope is to reduce the amount of waste being put into landfills. Organizers at TerraCycle, Walmart's partners for this event, hope they can collect enough car seats to relieve the landfills of plastic, equivalent to 35 million water bottles. 

TerraCycle plans to use 100 percent of the materials from the car seats by taking them apart and processing the individual parts into usable raw materials to assemble into new products. Since car seats are considered a "difficult" item to recycle, this helps reduce the overall waste and keep the seats out of landfills. 

“Safety—especially car seat safety—is a top priority for Walmart’s Baby department, so we wanted to use our size and scale to create an event that offered unprecedented access to trade in an outgrown car seat for a gift card—perfect for using on your baby’s next car seat,” said Melody Richards, Vice President, Walmart Baby

Walmart Car Seat and Gift Card

Screenshot Courtesy of Walmart

How It Works: 

  • Take your car seat to your local Walmart for return
  • Give it to the cashier at the Customer Service Desk
  • Get your gift card

That's it! Easy-peasy, huh? 

Any car seat brand is accepted, however, booster seats are not included. 

Do you have an old car seat that you need to trade in? Have you already traded in your car seat? What do you think about this program? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!