Nearly three million people are without electricity.

The state of Texas is currently battling a blackout crisis during one of its biggest ice storms in years. Millions of residents are without electricity and power, and due to the roads being blocked off by snow, many are unable to leave their homes and are looking to their neighbors for help. That's where you come in.

Both local and national independent organizations are seeking to help keep Texans safe during this time of need. We've put together the following list of resources that are currently available and looking to expand services for the millions without power, food, or a roof over their heads.

Donate to any of the organizations listed below, or click this link.

*This list will be updated as needed. If we missed an organization, please email us at [email protected]

How to Donate to Help Those Impacted By the Texas Blackout Crisis:

You can also make monetary donations to the following Texas-based mutual aid organizations: