No wonder Redskins owner Dan Snyder hasn't decided on a new team name. Right now, he has bigger fish to fry.

A pending Washington Post article has promised some pretty revealing dirt on the Washington Redskins' leadership. The depth of these rumors is nauseating, and one can't help but question how far across the NFL this corruption goes.

While we wait for the article to publish, social media has been doing some digging of its own. Here are some of the claims regarding the Redskins and their owner Dan Snyder that are circulating the web:

Here's the link to the Redskins' subreddit, if you need it!

After ingesting all of the above, Twitter users responded in the only way they know how:



From what we're seeing, this Washington Post article is going to be pretty hardcore. And if this kind of corruption is rampant throughout other organizations, as has been implied, this could be the beginning of another 2020 culture shift, where the pandemic isn't even the cause of empty seats in the stadiums. 

Obviously, the search for a new team name has taken a back seat as Redskins owner Dan Snyder and company lawyer up.

Stay tuned. The article is still rumored to drop either today or tomorrow.

**Update: The Washington Post article has been published; it is available here.