The A8 is where tech and luxury intersect.

If there's any hope of saving the luxury sedan, it's cars like the 2019 Audi A8 -- the most impressive Audi luxury limo to date. Careful, though, or you might miss it because this stealthy autobahn missile flies quietly under the radar, not drawing any unwanted attention like other cars in the $85K-and-up range. And that's the exact reason why the 2019 A8 makes for a fantastic stop-and-go traffic hero. That, and this car has more technology than the International Space Station -- like Audi's Traffic Jam Pilot, but we'll get to that. 

First, though, it must be said that the 2019 A8 is a proper Audi. Surprisingly athletic, comfortable ride, and enough speed to do things that'll have your license revoked, this car can still be driven hard. Unlike comparable luxury crossovers, including Audi's Q7, the tasks you delegate to the A8 are performed immediately without drama, and its Dynamic Drive Mode is supernatural enough to accuse Audi engineers of witchcraft. Despite its size, the base 3.0 turbocharged V6 produces 335-horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque let the car sprint to 60 in the low- to mid-five-second range, which is more than enough for most. 

So, with the inner-enthusiast in all of us soothed, let's get to the tech that makes this car smarter than anything else on the road. Better yet, watch this: 

Audi's Traffic Jam Pilot is among the company's first offering of 'level 3' autonomous driving. Or in other words, the car takes care of all stop and go traffic driving up to 37 mph. Need we say more?

On top of that, the A8 has a host of other tricks up its sleeve, including Audi's Virtual Cockpit; the Audi MMI-Touch trackpad; self-parking feature; optional night vision; and, my favorite, a feature that raises the ride height of the car when parked to make getting in and out of the vehicle effortless. 

What are your thoughts? Have you ever driven a 2019 A8? If so, what did you think? Sound off in the comments.