Desperate times call for desperate measures. Will other states follow suit?

Iowa has become the first state in the country to permanently make cocktails to-go a legal thing.

The Des Moines Register reported Governor Kim Richards signed the HF 2540 bill on Monday, allowing this permanent change to ensue. Iowa Code can now enable bars to put alcoholic drinks up for sale, for takeout and delivery, as long as they are not consumed on the premises.

Although this measure was temporary at first, in order to help the restaurant and fast-food businesses survive during closures from the pandemic, this legislation makes it permanent.

Some critics have been positively receptive of the decision. Dale Szyndrowski, the Distilled Spirits Council of the U.S. (DISCUS) vice president, said, "Iowa's hospitality businesses have suffered greatly due to the harsh financial impacts of COVID-19 .... Making cocktails to-go permanent provides a much-needed source of stability and revenue for local bars, restaurants, and distilleries as they begin to recover."

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Courtesy of Fox News

He then lauded the government for their decision in his statement: "We thank Governor Reynolds and the legislature for supporting local businesses and their employees by making Iowa the first state to make a temporary cocktails to-go measure permanent. Iowa is leading the way and serving as a model for other states looking for innovative ways to boost struggling hospitality businesses."

DISCUS also insists that these to-go drinks must be drunk by adults at home.

At the moment, more than 30 states have enabled restaurants and, in some cases bars, to put alcoholic drinks and bottled spirits to-go on sale. Some, such as Texas, Florida, Ohio, and Oklahoma, are now reflecting over whether to make the sales permanent, as Iowa has. 

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