A holiday hotline allows kiddos to call Santa Claus and leave him a message about what they want for Christmas!

No more wrestling shy, scared toddlers onto Santa's lap at the mall. A simple phone call will do the trick. When kids call Santa's Hotline, they're greeted with a cheery, automated "Ho! Ho! Ho!" from the man himself and are then given the opportunity to leave a voicemail telling Santa and his helpers exactly what they want for Christmas. 

The reasons why this hotline can be a helpful tool are three-fold:

1. Santa's automated message reassures kids that he's keeping a list of who's been naughty and nice! At this time of year? When children are bouncing off the walls and might need a little inspiration for good behavior? This is pure gold. (And here's a pro-tip: Use the hotline as leverage that you have an easy way to contact Santa if you think he should skip your house altogether!). 


Courtesy of Freeconferencecall.com

2. Kids who may be too shy or terrified of Santa are given an easy opportunity to leave a message with the top items from their wish list. You can be certain Santa won't answer the phone (he's too busy packing his sleigh, of course!), but he and his elves regularly check the messages!

3. And just in case you're curious (for some reason) what your child told Santa he or she wanted, the Hotline will send you a text message with a phone number you can call to hear the voicemail message your child left! Clever, right? Now you'll have a head's up of what Santa might bring! This function only works if you use your mobile phone, however, so plan ahead!

So what's the number? So glad you asked:

Santa Hotline:

Powered by FreeConferenceCall.com, the Santa Hotline is also available in other languages. Click here for more information!