The "hyperrealistic" cake is made by Ben Cullen for a music video of rapper Slowthai, and its pictures have stirred varied reactions among netizens.

Remember the viral food trend last year where everything seemed to be made of cake? Looks like we were yet to behold the cake of cakes!

Recently, a Twitter user posted images of a man lying on a hospital bed, smiling towards the camera. But look closely, and you will see that he's nothing but a cake. A whole lot of cake!

The creator behind this masterpiece is British baker Ben Cullen, aka Bake King on social media. He had already posted about his creation on Instagram before, but the images went viral last week with the post of a Twitter user

Bake King had mentioned that the cake was made for rapper Slowthai's music video "Feel Away," which was released last summer. The sculptor created a life-size cake of Slowthai himself for the video.

We have already seen renowned pastry chefs', novice bakers' intricate creations on social platforms, but this cake seems to "take the cake." 

Since shared, the post has already got immense reactions and comments. While some users were creeped out, few others were "horrified" seeing the cake. Here are some of the funny comments:

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