A pumpkin farm in Saginaw, Michigan has a message for COVID-19, and we could not agree more. The folks over at Johnson’s Giant Pumpkins LLC are getting ready for the fall season and crafted a special message in honor of the 2020 season.

This year’s maze is loud and clear: COVID, GO AWAY.

The 13-acre corn maze has lots of twists and turns and right in the center is the giant message. The maze will be open to visitors starting on September 12, so folks can stomp out the message themselves, letting COVID-19 know that we have had enough already.

“In the past, we’ve done farmers feel the world, support our veterans, and things along that line,” said Gerald Johnson, owner of the farm. “Just like everybody, we’re tired of the COVID, so we thought we would put that in our corn maze this year,” Johnson said. “It’s still out there, we still have to be careful, we still need to wear masks where needed, and just be aware of it and take reasonable precautions,” Johnson said.

The pumpkin farm will be cutting many of its regular festivities (not the donuts!) this year and is opening in a limited capacity with plenty of safety precautions in place.

We think this is a great and pretty hilarious way to let out some of the frustrations we are all feeling these days and have some fun. Everyone wants life to get back to norma— whatever that means anymore ...

What do you think about this giant corn maze message to COVID-19? What you would want to put in a cornfield if you could write anything? Sound off in the comments.