Yep, it must be 2020.

A recent discovery out in the remote lands of the Utah desert has a lot of people scratching their heads. A crew of officers from Utah’s Department of Public Safety Aero Bureau and the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources were flying over a rural southeastern part of the state last week, to survey bighorn sheep. And as they were surveying the area, they spotted something ... out of place. 

"One of the biologists ... spotted it, and we just happened to fly directly over the top of it," pilot Bret Hutchings said in an interview with local CNN affiliate KSL. "He was like, 'Whoa, whoa, whoa, turn around, turn around!' And I was like, 'What.' And he's like, 'There's this thing back there -- we've got to go look at it!'"

As they went back to get a closer look, the whole team was in disbelief when they saw a metal monolith sticking out of the ground right in the middle of some of Utah’s well-known red rock formations. It stands about 10 to 12 feet high. Hutchings described it as looking like it was planted there. 

There are no markings, no clues as to who made it, where it came from, or why it is there.

The Utah Department of Public Safety said in a press release that there is "no obvious indication” of what it is or who put it there. The department also said they will not reveal the specific location of the monolith. Due to the very remote location—and the high level of interest something like this can generate with the public—the department is concerned about people becoming lost or stranded while trying to find it.

While the general thought at this time is that this is some sort of art installation, theories about what it could be have been circulating Twitter. Check 'em out below:

The Department of Land Management is considering whether they need to investigate the mysterious monolith further and reminds everyone that it is illegal to install structures or art pieces on federally managed public lands.

What do you think about this very mysterious find? We want to hear your theories in the comments below!