The launch is designed to study ionization outside the earth's atmosphere.

The Department of Defense will launch a three-stage suborbital sounding rocket on Wednesday afternoon, March 3, from NASA's Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia. The launch is intended to study ionization in space, just outside the earth's atmosphere.

A set time for the launch is not known to the public, as no real-time updates will be given.

After flying a few hundred miles in altitude and 500 miles off-shore, the rocket's payload will release a small amount of vapor cloud into space. The vapor will be non-hazardous, and residents in mid-Atlantic and southeastern states may observe colorful clouds over the ocean.

No real-time launch details are available. There will be no live telecast of the launch on the internet; also, no live status update will be available on the social platforms.

The NASA Visitor Centre will remain closed for public viewing of the launch. However, you can still look out for those colorful clouds at sunset!

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