It's like Black Friday and Cyber Monday wrapped into 48 hours of deals. 

Get your credit cards ready, Amazon Prime Day is almost upon us! Amazon officially announced that the 2019 event will take place July 15 (starting at 2 a.m. EDT) and 16, which technically extends the deals across two days. This deal-filled internet buying frenzy is a global event, making it bigger than Black Friday in terms of sales. 

It's definitely come a long way from the initial event launched a few years ago. That event was largely heralded as a joke, as it sold things like a handful of TVs that the whole internet was trying to buy, and who can forget the ridiculous barrel of human-grade lube that was on a deep discount. Other than the adult film industry, I'm not sure who else picked that one up ... but they got a great deal.

Since then, Amazon has stepped up its game and now offers tons of technology, home goods, and more for some pretty impressive prices. The only catch is that you must be an Amazon Prime member or sign up to be one. 

Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of Prime Day.

1. Prime Membership – If you are a Prime member, you are in like Flynn. If you aren't, you can sign up for a free trial. Many people end up keeping the membership, but you can cancel before the end of the trial period to avoid paying for it. 

2.  Amazon Top did an analysis of top categories of products bought in the past, which helps show where people felt the best deals were. 

  • Tech (Ex: Phone, Monitor, Storage) 25 Percent
  • Entertainment (Ex: Movies, Gaming) 12 Percent
  • Basics (Ex: Soap, Envelopes, Diapers) 9 Percent
  • Smart Home (Ex: Amazon Echo, Security) 9 Percent
  • Food (Ex: Protein Powder, Coffee) 7 Percent
  • Garage and Outdoors (Ex: Tools, Bicycle, Duct Tape) 8 Percent
  • Kitchen Gear (Ex: Appliances, Storage) 6 Percent
  • Bathroom (Ex: Razor, Toothbrush) 5 Percent
  • Clothes and Accessories (Ex: Watch, Backpack) 6 Percent
  • Kids (Ex: Car Seats, Hot Wheels) 4 Percent
  • Home and Office (Ex: Desk, Vacuum) 5 Percent
  • Pets (Ex: Toys, Accessories) 3 Percent
  • Other (Ex: Services, Gift Cards) 3 Percent

In addition, the site made some predictions of some of the possible Amazon Device deals you might see, like an Amazon Echo for $64.99 or a Fire 7 Tablet for $27.50. You can check out their full list at

Don't forget that Amazon will also run deals on its services like Amazon Music Unlimited, Audible, Kindle Unlimited, Twitch Prime, and more. Many of these deals will start two weeks before Prime Day, so check in soon. eBooks, movies, music, and other digital entertainment are also deeply discounted on Prime Day. 

3. Other deals – Amazon will run tons of its deals on the home page via Lightning Deals. You can track when an item you want is up for sale and put them on an alert list. But, many, many other Amazon retailers that are not part of the official sale will be discounting their products to capitalize on the increase in shoppers. Do some digging to see if you can find a gem!

4. Do your homework – Check the price of products across a few sites to see if they are being offered for cheaper. Other retailers do run sales concurrent with Prime Day in order to lure buyers away from Amazon. eBay has already announced it's crashing the day with its own event (in reference to the giant crash Amazon had last Prime Day), so there are great deals to be had everywhere. Also, do some fact checking in reviews of the product to ensure that it is actually worth buying. A crappy product, even at 70 percent off, is still a crappy product. Don't get sucked in just because it's on sale (and there will be tons and tons of things on sale). You can also check coupon sites like RetailMeNot to see if you can find some Amazon codes for extra off; it's a rare find, but I've found a few five percent-off coupons for jewelry. Might just cover the tax on the item. 

There are several sites that also compile the best deals as they get them. Here are a few to check out before you buy; they will update continually as more deals are revealed.

5. Take a breath before hitting buy – If you are like me, Prime Day leads you down rabbit holes of things you don't need but suddenly feel you can't live without – stainless steel ice cubes? Yes. Veggie spiralizer that will likely just sit in the cupboard? You betcha. Make a solid list of things you would like to buy, and start there. If you are tempted to impulse buy, take a breath – many of the sales are for a limited time only, but if it's not a majorly desired product (like most technology), it won't sell out immediately. Revisit it after you've really gone through the pros and cons. Your bank account will thank you.