Look to the heavens for a beautiful light show peaking on Sunday. 

This time of year, every year, we get treated to an amazing fall light show, and it’s not caused by pumpkins!

The Orionid meteor shower is hitting its peak on Sunday, but you can see it all weekend long. So grab a blanket, make some hot cider, sit among the falling leaves, and enjoy the show!

You’ll have to do so at just the right time, however. Unfortunately, the moon is not in our favor for this shower. It is a waxing gibbous on Sunday, so it will be bright, making it hard to see all of the meteors. But we should have clear skies through the weekend.

Peak viewing time should be a few hours before dawn all weekend, so you might catch a couple lucky stars streaking through the sky. You should be able to see a few each morning through the first week of November, as well.

If you can, get to a spot with fewer city lights for the full effect.

Fun Facts

  • It’s called the Orionid meteor shower because these meteors look like they are shooting out of the constellation Orion.
  • This shower is actually space debris burning up as it enters earth's atmosphere. Where did the debris come from? The famous Halley's Comet, which last passed by our planet in 1986!
  • This meteor shower hits the Earth’s orbit every fall.
  • If you miss it, you can still catch the Leonids in November and the Geminds in December!

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