The bakery chain is selling bread, milk, and fresh produce to maintain demand for essentials.

Grocery shopping is at an all-time high, with many struggling to stock up on the essentials. Bakery chain Panera Bread is addressing this demand for grocery staples during the coronavirus pandemic with its newest service—Panera Grocery.

Having launched this week, shoppers can stock up on big-ticket items like milk, bread, yogurt, and fresh produce like avocados and blueberries. And bagels—how could we forget the bagels? (Asiago cheese, please!) Customers can place their orders online, opting for their preferred delivery/takeout method. They can pick their items up from their selected store or have them delivered straight to their doorstep.

The 2,000+ Panera stores across the country have closed their dining rooms, offering contactless service methods like pick-up, delivery, and drive-thru. But even as businesses remain open, restaurants are scrambling to make up the dwindling revenue lost from store closures.

According to the NPD Group, restaurant sales have gone down a whopping 42 percent since the week of March 29, a significant decrease from the same time in 2019. Yet with financial uncertainty looming, initiatives like Panera Grocery are working twofold—to maintain business and assist the public with a much-needed service during times of crisis.

In addition to rolling out Panera Grocery, the chain has also been active in charitable endeavors, including teaming up with the USDA and Children's Hunger Alliance to feed Ohio children in need of food. Sure makes that Chipotle Chicken Avocado Melt taste even more delicious!

Read more about the company's actions in combatting the pandemic here.

Will you be trying out Panera Grocery? What other restaurants would you like to see sell groceries? Sound off in the comments!