The woman was competing on the Canadian version of the "Family Feud."

A game show gaffe got a Canadian woman a tasty bonus this week. Eve Dubois was on the hot seat competing for $10,000 in a Canadian version of Family Feud. It was a sudden-death situation, and the emcee asked this question to determine who would go for the $10,000: “Name Popeye’s favorite food.” 

Dubois rang the buzzer and yelled out, “Chicken!” The host fell over in disbelief, while the members of her family wore looks of dismay. 

It’s not a surprise Dubois didn’t know the answer. As it turns out, Popeye and the chicken restaurant have no relation to one another. Popeyes Chicken is named for a character called Popeye Doyle of The French Connection, and the Popeye the television host was referring to is the cartoon sailor created in 1929. The theme song of the show includes the famous line “He’s strong to the finish, cause he eats his spinach. He’s Popeye the sailor man."

The other contestant gave the right answer to win the round, but Dubois may have come out ahead of everyone. The right people at Popeyes restaurants saw the clip of the show and offered her a consolation prize—$10,000 worth of food from the restaurant chain. The company posted a picture of a giant check for $10,000 worth of food on Twitter, asking her to send a direct message in order to get her check.

No word if she is going to share the Popeyes award with her family. The only bad thing for Dubois is that Popeyes' new chicken sandwich isn’t available in Canadian restaurants. Maybe she can take a vacation to the U.S. to try it out!