Ford just issued a recall notice for Ford Rangers and Ford Fusions for potential shifting issues, which could cause the vehicles to roll away. 

The recall notice, dated May 15, 2019, explains that, in both recalls, the vehicle could be in a different gear (neutral instead of park) due to issues with a faulty shifter cable connection. 

To date, there have been three reports of property damage and one report of injury related to this potential shifting problem. Owners of 2019 Ford Rangers and 2013-2016 Ford Fusions are encouraged to always use the parking brake until affected customers can be contacted.

Ford Ranger

With the Ford Rangers, the problems stem from fasteners that secure the shifter cable. The affected vehicles include approximately 2,500 Ford Rangers assembled at the Michigan Assembly Plant from March 5 to March 13, 2019.

Recalled vehicles will have the fasteners properly torqued and transmission selector assembly operations confirmed after the repair. The Ford reference number for the Ranger recall is 19S15.

Ford Fusion

In Ford Fusion vehicles, the bushing that connects the shifter cable to the transmission may degrade over time. Affected vehicles include 2013-2016 Ford Fusions with 2.5-liter engines.

Approximately 270,000 Ford Fusions will be included in this recall, and the exact repair is still being determined. The Ford reference number for the Fusion recall is 19S16.

How do I know if my vehicle is included in the recall?

Ford is still working on notifying affected car owners. Currently, you can log in to the Ford owner site and enter your VIN to check for applicable recalls. This page will be updated periodically as additional information is made available.

If your car fits the profile of the vehicles in the recall, Ford is suggesting that you always use your parking brake before exiting your vehicle. 

**All of the photos in this article are courtesy of Ford.

For more information, read the Ford press release about this recall, dated May 15, 2019.