Movie fans across the country shared their distaste for the switch on Twitter.

Regal Cinemas recently announced it will no longer sell Coke products at its theaters. Instead, it will be switching over to Pepsi products at all of its locations nationwide, according to Variety.

And the fine folks of the internet are completely furious, for some reason.

Honestly, I might be the only one out there who doesn't care about the change, mostly because I rarely go to Regal theaters (Alamo Drafthouse, baby!), and this change really has no impact on me as a movie-goer. Besides, I don't even like drinking Coke! (Please don't come after, Coke loyalists, okay? Just stating my personal opinion.)

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However, there are a ton of people who do care, like a lot. Take a look:


But there a few Pepsi lovers who are excited about Regal's switch:

Pepsi will soon be available at Regal in the coming weeks. In addition to Pepsi products becoming available, this partnership between the Pepsi brand and Regal Cinemas will also bring with it new offers to guests, like limited-time products and entertainment sneak peeks. Details on these special offers have not been announced yet.

Where do you stand on all of this? Are you happy? Sad? Do you even care about the switch happening in the first place? (I'm with you there!) Sound off in the comments below with your thoughts.