Troubling news for tall people ...

A study shows that people who are over six feet tall are more than twice as likely to be diagnosed with COVID-19. 

Researchers from around the world surveyed at least 2,000 people in the UK and the U.S. to figure out if certain factors, like personal aspects and lifestyles, affect both the transmission and contraction of the coronavirus. The research team included top experts from the University of Manchester and Open University, according to The Telegraph.

Much of the research revealed that taller people face a higher probability of getting the virus. Researchers are interpreting these results to mean that the spread of the virus is airborne, since taller individuals would not be able to catch it as easily through droplets. Though bigger than aerosols, droplets are believed to travel small distances and fall from the air while aerosols are carried by air currents.

University of Manchester's Professor Evan Kontapantelis claims, “The results of this survey in terms of associations between height and diagnosis suggest downward droplet transmission is not the only transmission mechanism, and aerosol transmission is possible.... This has been suggested by other studies, but our method of confirmation is novel."

Kontapentelis continued:

“Though social distancing is still important because transmission by droplets is still likely to occur, it does suggest that mask-wearing may be just as—if not more— effective in prevention. But also, air purification in interior spaces should be further explored.”

The report also showed higher rates of transmission in situations where people shared kitchens. In the U.S., that rate was 3.5 times as high whole in the U.K., the chances were 1.7 times higher.

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