Nope. Nope. Nope.

We've got a riddle for you ... What has 8 legs, can live for 20 years, and ambushes its prey via a trapdoor—oh, and it has a bite as painful as a bee sting?

That'd be the new species of venomous spider, The Pine Rockland trapdoor spider (Ummidia richmond).


We would like you all to meet the Pine Rockland Trapdoor Spider (Ummidia richmond). This is a brand new species...

Posted by Zoo Miami Conservation & Research on Wednesday, April 14, 2021

This new spider species was first discovered in 2012 on the grounds of Zoo Miami, but it wasn't until just recently that scientists identified it as an entirely new species.

"They have a rough carapace on their front half and a silvery-grey abdomen with a light-colored patch on top. They’re really quite beautiful spiders,” said Dr. Rebecca Godwin, an assistant professor of biology at Piedmont College.

The Pine Rockland spider hides in an enclosed burrow and then ambushes its prey when they wander too close.

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