The National Museum of American History honors the 20th anniversary with stories. 

With the 20th anniversary of September 11th coming up tomorrow, the Smithsonian National Museum of American History wants to hear your stories about that day.

On their website, they explain, "With your help, we’re creating an archival record to be preserved and studied ... an opportunity to shape the historical record. The stories will then be part of their 'digital storytelling initiative.'"

September 11: Stories of a Changed World is an almost time-capsule-like record preserving the diversity of American experiences surrounding 9/11. Their aim, they write, is to create "an inclusive space for communities and individuals to share their experiences and ... a place to gather stories and preserve them for future generations."

Anyone over 18 is invited to share a story using the prompt: "How did your life change because of September 11?" 

The museum offers ideas to get you thinking, like: "How did you experience September 11?" "What would you like people to know about how the events have affected you?" "How did your community change after September 11?" You can also upload up to five photos and a short video, if applicable. You then tag your tale with up to 22 categories: is your 9/11 story related to New York or the Pentagon, or education or immigration.

These stories matter. As the museum writes, "Just as historians today turn to letters, diaries, scrapbooks, and physical objects to understand the past, this collection of digital stories will help future historians and younger generations understand how we navigated that time. Taken together, the stories in this archive, some of which will be displayed on this website, will document how everyday people coped, responded, and made history in big ways and small."

Submit your 9/11 story

We love this unique way of thinking about the events of 9/11. Share your story with us in the comments.