Under the PACT Act, crushing, burning, neglecting, drowning, and impaling animals will all be considered acts of cruelty—all punishable by a felony charge, as well as hefty jail time or fines.  

A new proposed bill, the Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture (PACT) Act, would declare animal abuse as a federal felony. The U.S. House Representatives unanimously approved the bill on Tuesday, October 22, but it will still need to be approved by the Senate.

Introduced by two Florida congressmen, this potential law would hopefully reduce the number of animal cruelty cases by classifying crushing, burning, neglecting, drowning, and impaling animals as acts of cruelty, and therefore, considering them felonies. If the abuser were to be caught, they could face a fine, a jail sentence of up to seven years, or both. 

Under the Animal Crush Video Prohibition Act, passed in 2010, perpetrators could only be charged with recording the animal abuse on video and then distributing the recording. The PACT Act, however, expands the crime with wording that includes the actual act of abuse—not just the recording of the abuse. The proposed bill would also allow officers to pursue violators even if they cross state lines

The congressmen hope that this bill will enforce the message that animal abuse is not tolerated. Read the full PACT Act here.

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