Luckily, the girl walked away unharmed.

In shocking video footage, Anela Rezentes, 6, can be seen splashing in the water along the shoreline of Oahu's Kalama Beach on Sunday when a shark began circling her.

Sheri Gouveia had been filming her daughter in the water, completely unaware of the situation at hand. It was only when Anela began running to dry land that Sheri checked the footage, and that's when she saw the shark.

It's every parent's worse nightmare. Luckily, Anela was not harmed.

Watch the terrifying video below:

Courtesy of Good Morning America (Sheri Gouveia)

"My soul left my body. I saw the shark. I didn’t notice it was behind my back, so I really wanted to run out. I was really scared," said Sheri in an interview with KHON2 News.

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