Bear vs. Wolves

*Originally published on October 26, 2020:

Once upon a time, a Grizzly bear sits contentedly in a field in Yellowstone National Park, happily foraging and going about his very important bear business.

grizzly sitting in yellowstone

When, all of a sudden, he spots a pack of wolves playing nearby. He stands up to get a closer look.

bear at yellowstone

Then, the ever-brave and powerful bear that he is, the Grizzly gallops closer to the pack to try and scare them off.

bear and wolves

But instead, he finds himself surrounded.

bear and wolves

Watch the video here to see how this turns out:

The wolves escort the bear to the edge of the woods where they leave one to guard him while the others convene in a circle to develop their next plan of action. And that's where we leave them.

What do you think? Does the bear get out of this situation? Are you Team Grizzly or Team Wolf Pack? Tell us in the comments!