Virginia State Police is actively looking for minor children who may have had contact with a Manassas man arrested for solicitation and possession of child pornography.

Schuyler Stuart Corado Corado, a 33-year old Manassas resident, was arrested on April 12 by the Virginia State Police (VSP). He was charged with 12 felonies, including possession of child pornography (second offense) and solicitation of a minor under the age of 15 (second offense). Hundreds of screenshots have been collected to connect Corado Corado with dozens of minor victims.

crime suspect

The VSP is looking for additional minor children who may have interacted with Corado Corado online. He appears to target minors between 10-13, both male and female, on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat,, and TikTok. On Facebook, he went by the user name Tony Corado.

Screennames used by Corado Corado on these various sites include:

  • kristianna1758
  • Tony10256
  • Wintergreen109
  • Addiction.slime
  • tony2590
  • anniefanclub075 

Currently, the investigation indicates that Corado Corado contacted children in multiple states and Canada, through several social media sites and apps. The investigation began in February 2019 with a CyberTip submitted about the suspect's online activities.

I think my child has been contacted by the suspect, what should I do?

If you find that your child has been contacted by and interacted with any of the screen names listed above, you should contact the VSP investigator directly. You can email him at or call Special Agent Bullock at (571) 581-4420. 

Where is the suspect now?

The suspect, Schuyler Stuart Corado Corado, is currently being held without bond at the Manassas Adult Detention Center. The investigating agencies are the Virginia State Police and The Northern Virginia -- Washington, D.C. Internet Crimes Against Children (NOVA-DC ICAC) Task Force.

For more information, visit the Virginia State Police Facebook page or reach out to VSP Special Agent Michael Bullock directly. 

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