If you follow the Waffle House Index school of thought, then you know the iconic American chain is part of the bedrock of our everyday life.

Any closures, even temporary, are an indication of trouble on the horizon. Whether you actually eat there or not, Waffle House has the reputation of being one of those chains that you can count on, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Anyone will tell you: it takes nothing short of a disaster to close a Waffle House. COVID-19 just shuttered 418 of them.

All is not lost, though: over 1,500 are staying open. Still, the Twitterverse is freaking out about the news ... and it started when just the first 365 locations were closed earlier this week.

ICYMI, the Waffle House Index is a very real thing. It speaks to the fact that the chain has incredible contingency plans to be able to remain open in the worst of circumstances. They are famous for continuing to serve the public, even during major hurricanes and natural disasters.

Get your WH waffles while you can, folks! For more information about the closures, or to find the location closest to you, visit the Waffle House website.

What are your thoughts on this wave of closures: mountain, or molehill? Sound off in the comments!