If you've never seen a house on wheels before, here ya go!

There's quite a bit of history in the 19th-century Victorian homes in San Francisco, California. Unfortunately, due to the great earthquake and fire of 1906, many were destroyed, so any left standing is extremely significant. Because of this, should, say, an apartment building get set for development at the location of one of these historic homes, you simply lift the house and move it! Problem solved.

Honestly, this is not something I'd ever think possible, but after watching the video below, it makes perfect sense! Take a gander at the incredible video, courtesy of The Sun, and see for yourself:

The move occurred on Sunday, February 21, early in the morning and last six hours. Watch as the 139-year-old house gets loaded onto a flatbed truck and hauled several city blocks away from its original location on Franklin Street to its new home on Fulton Street. This undertaking cost roughly $200,000 to do since it involved the removal of street lights, parking meters, and utility lines, not to mention compensating the construction crews and engineers responsible for uplifting the home from its lot and transporting it.

What do you think of this video? Pretty crazy, right? Did you know that this type of move used to be a regular thing some odd 45 years ago in San Francisco? Share your thoughts in the comments below.