What started as a peaceful time fishing, quickly turned into a harrowing fight for survival.

While tarpon fishing near the everglades, this Florida resident somehow kept his wits about him as he captured his own narrow escape from an alligator attack.

Join more than 1 million viewers and watch the raw footage of "Chum Dumpster's" (YouTube username) encounter with this 11-foot beast.

More than 500 YouTubers have commented on the video. Read what they had to say:

"That moment at 0:39 when you think you've gotten away, trip and lose orientation for a second, then look up and see death staring you in the face." ~Roberto Suarez

"For those who don't know, it's the beginning of mating season. Males are staging and becoming really territorial. There's a chance that that gator has claimed that spot or that there is a nest near by." ~BassinOrlando

"Crazy! Gator comes out of the water, right at you, and instead of continuing to run, you stop, turn around, and start jabbing your pole at it. Then, after you ran, you kept going back toward it. You're lucky this thing didn't attack you." ~Brian Johnson

With more than 1.25 million alligators in Florida (or about one alligator per 15 residents), it's no wonder there are multiple attacks each year. On average, there are 10 incidents of alligator bites each year in Florida. Only one death from an alligator attack in Florida has been reported since 2020. If you are attacked by an alligator, it's recommended to run (if possible), fight back, and gauge its eyes.

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