New study reveals that most Americans are focused on food and alcohol during the pandemic, which isn't that surprising, to be honest.

The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting quarantines have created a variety of challenges for people across the country, many of whom are turning to Google to search for answers to their questions about how to cope with new realities.

A new study by Zippia tracked the most interesting (and bizarre) things people in each state were googling during the first few months of the pandemic. The results range from searches about taking up new habits and quitting old ones to trying do-it-yourself-projects and what to eat and drink, and everything else in between.

Food was top of mind for residents of many states. The study found many Americans were cooking and snacking at home, with searches on BBQ, chicken nuggets, hot wings, how to roll sushi, grilled cheese, banana bread, and Little Debbie cakes.

Specifically, Alaskans were searching for pizza delivery; Georgians really wanted Chick-fil-A; folks in Rhode Island had a taste for Chinese food; and residents of Illinois were looking for bargains on the McDonald's value menu.

Residents of Colorado and West Virginia were looking to kick bad habits during quarantine, with searches on "how to stop drinking" and "how to stop smoking." But the stress of quarantine seemed to push residents of many other states to turn to various vices, including vodka pops, Mike's Hard Lemonade, frosé, Cracker Barrel, alcohol, boxed wine, vaping pens, and more.

And when people weren't looking to stuff their faces full of food, they were trying to be productive—well, sort of.

Residents of California were looking for cool Zoom backgrounds (for all those remote company meetings?); New Jersey residents were looking for advice on virtual interviews; and Indiana residents were looking at hot to launch careers as YouTubers. However, Floridians just wanted to know how to get some sleep while at work.

Zippia created its map using Google Trends to find the most interesting thing each state is googling from April 2020 to August 2020 more than other states during the quarantine.

View the full findings here.

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