Hot food is a priceless commodity in any emergency and WCK is in Texas, spreading the wealth.

Where there's a major need, chances are, you'll find the World Central Kitchen (WCK) team. Founded by Chef José Andrés, the organization is known for its skill at providing nourishment to the masses, even in the middle of natural disasters.

food delivery

Their latest mobilization has the volunteers helping out in Texas, providing free hot food and packaged meals to residents stuck in freezing temperatures with little water or electricity due to statewide power grid failures.

In addition to preparing the food in mobile kitchens, WCK is also working with local businesses to coordinate food donations to temporary shelters and warming stations.

Where they can be, individual meals are being delivered to residents of assisted living facilities and retirement homes as well.

food delivery

If you want to help out from afar, donate to support the WCK work all over the globe. You can also sign up to volunteer locally if the team comes to your area as part of an emergency response. 

For more information about the World Central Kitchen projects, head to their official website or follow their Twitter feed and get updates from the field. 

*Photos courtesy of World Central Kitchen (via Facebook)

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