From hiking trails to dating apps and everything else in between, you'll be easily connected with the Colorado lifestyle.

Living the "Colorado life" means many things to many people. Some are here for the beer, some for the majestic mountain peaks, some for the dog-friendly life, and some are here for the cannabis. No matter what your interest is, there seems to be an app for that.

But it's hard to know what app will be the best one to use. So, we did some of the work for you.

5 Apps to Help You Live Your Best "Colorado Life":


AllTrails is a free app available on both android and iPhone devices. Over 100,000 trail maps, reviews, and photos crowdsourced from millions of outdoor adventures are at your disposal. The app also shares trail conditions, weather issues, and more. There is a subscription option, AllTrails Pro, that offers some more options, such as downloading offline maps, tracking your location even without a GPS signal, and Lifeline service, as well as an ad-free experience. 

Colorado Parks and Wildlife has an app that's very similar to AllTrails, Colorado Trail Explorer (COTREX), which gives you everything you need to know about outdoor trails in Colorado; what's open and closed, where dogs are allowed, kid-friendly trails, etc.


Colorado is known for its many 14ers, and the PeakVisor app will help hikers identify what peaks they're looking at. This one works worldwide, not just here in Colorado. It's available on both iPhone and Android and has over a million mountains in its database. Along with the name of the peak, the app shares information about the mountain and gives 3D maps and hiking trails.


This is the on-the-go version of the popular website, Route descriptions, conditions, photos, and more, users can store all of the necessary information for offline-use when out of range. Each peak’s page will have reports from recent hikers, so if you're looking to join the ranks of those who have submitted 14,000 feet, this app is going to be a very useful tool. 


This is the app for dog lovers who are looking for human companionship. The dating app launched in Denver last summer, and it's become very popular. The Dog Person’s Dating App aims to connect dog lovers with other people who also love dogs and have similar interests. People in Colorado just love their pooches, so it can be a deal-breaker if your significant other is not on board.


We can't talk about the "Colorado life" without discussing the marijuana industry. A booming business, there are more choices of weed stores than gas stations in some areas, so it's intimidating and really time-consuming to figure out where to go to find products or prices without a guide. Weed Maps is that guide. This app is the granddaddy of them all and has been around since 2008 when it launched to serve medical patients. Now it includes coupons, dispensary deals, a news site, order ahead, and more.

There are plenty more apps and websites that help make life in Colorado easy and accessible to all, so please keep in mind that these are just a few that we've come across. What's your favorite outdoor or Colorado-based app to use? Share with us in the comments!