You won't forget your keys again ...

Most cars have a feature that will remind you if you accidentally leave your keys in the ignition. A particular Subaru Impreza, however, does something a little different. 

One DIY engineer on Reddit decided to take this a step further. After making several modifications, a user on Reddit's r/cars board replaced the normal chime notification with the song "Africa" by Toto. You can see this modification in all it's majesty in this video:

It's worth noting that this audio system isn't just limited to one song. Instead, it apparently features a microSD plugin that allows the driver to switch between songs by swapping out cards. "Africa" might be a memorable song, but switching it for some brutal Norweigan Black Metal seems like an effective way to never forget your keys again.

This project is the latest in a trend of DIY engineering that's popped up in the last two months. With plenty of free time at home, creative internet residents are finding ways to make their everyday activities more memorable. While this particular project might seem rather straightforward, it required a surprising amount of engineering work. If you want to marvel at all of the effort required to make it happen, the creator has also posted his design notes online. 

While we don't recommend trying this one at home, it's always interesting to see the little ways that people personalize their stuff. What are some ways that you've customized your tech? Let us know in the comments!