Philanthropist Bill Gates recently appeared on "The Daily Show" to discuss coronavirus spread, vaccine efforts, and global recovery.

It seems like the only thing people talk about anymore is the coronavirus, and everyone has a unique opinion. People have all kinds of ideas on how to "flatten the curve," how to isolate, and how we can move on from this pandemic. With so many ideas and things to navigate during this crazy time, we are fortunate to have someone like Bill Gates fighting for us. The software giant and philanthropist was an early contributor to fighting the virus when he and his wife donated $100 million towards detection, isolation, and treatment efforts in early February, but they are not planning on stopping there.

Through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, manufacturing factories are being built for seven of the top coronavirus vaccine candidates. The foundation was founded in 2000 and has worked tirelessly to take on global challenges like extreme poverty, improving education, and treating and preventing deadly diseases. With such specialization in infections diseases and the wisdom to fund the right projects, the Gates Foundation can help streamline the process of creating, testing, and manufacturing a vaccine, and one candidate is ready to begin testing.

Medical lab testing
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Inovio Pharmaceuticals, a small biotech company in Pennsylvania, has received clearance to start clinical testing on a potential coronavirus vaccine this week. In fact, 40 healthy participants will be injected with one dose and then a second dose four weeks after that. With that timetable, Inovio expects to have some early safety data by the end of the summer. If those results are positive, the next step is to study how effective the potential vaccine is in combating the coronavirus. As the study is underway, Inovio is amping up its production, and they are aiming to have one million doses available by the end of the year. This is a step in the right direction to conquering this virus!

Over the coming months, we are sure to see some development in a vaccine, but it is still a process that will take time. During the discussion with Trevor Noah, Gates states that it will take at least 18 months until a vaccine would be ready; however, that would still be months sooner than the amount of time it would take the government to develop one.

One of the biggest takeaways of the entire interview was Gates' optimism of how the world is going to recover. He assured that every cautionary measure, from self-isolating to travel restrictions, is effective in some way, and he said that he feels that this experience will help prepare us for anything we may face like this in the future. Check out the entire interview here:

It's no secret anymore that things may not be "normal" for a while, but it is efforts like the ones that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation donate to that will help us recover. With these brilliant people working on solutions, we can rest knowing that we are one day closer to a solution for this pandemic, and soon be back to our regular routines.

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