Dad of the Year right here!

Dads will do a lot when it comes to making their kids happy, and this Colorado dad is showing us all how it's done. Sterling Backus is fulfilling everyone's childhood dream one 3D printed part at a time and is building a 3D printed Lamborghini Aventador for his son, Sterling. 

Backus came up with an idea, was able to find plans online to print the 3D parts, set a budget of $20,000 for the project, purchased a printer for less than $1,000, and got to work. Sterling named the Lamborghini "Interceptor", which will then have an LS1 V8 engine from a Corvette in it because, it has to move, right? The Lamborghini also features a gated shifter, scissor doors, operating lights, and is intended to be a fully-equipped and functional vehicle when it's all done.

3D printed lamborghini aventador

Courtesy of 3D Car Printing (Facebook)

Backus first built the steel chassis by hand, setting a solid foundation for the car to be built upon. The first phase of the project hit a snag when Backus realized the plastic material used to print the parts started to melt in the hot sun, which was a problem he had to get past. In order to do so, Backus decided to use a technique that integrates carbon fiber encapsulation, where the 3D printed parts are wrapped, then covered in epoxy. The process uses a material that is woven with carbon fibers which are heated, then pressed onto the parts.

Some of the parts can take a significant abut of time to print; the air intake for the front brake system took over two days to print (52 hours to be exact), and with so many little components and parts, it's a significant time commitment for Backus and his son.

The project has a Facebook page where progress, videos, and more are shared. A contribution plaque with 100 names will be placed in the car with the names of folks who contributed to the project. As the project moves along, it has gathered local and national media attention, which Backus seems surprised at, but appreciates. He has turned it into a learning project and hopes that it can be used as an educational asset and learning tool for Science Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM) programs. 

“We are building a Lamborghini Aventador look alike we call the Interceptor as a STEAM project. The intent is to take the car to local schools to show kids how cool technology can be, to start the conversation about science, technology, engineering, art, and math. In addition, the trades of coach building, mechanics, welding, etc. See some of our videos at:”

Check out the 3D printed Lamborghini Aventador in action below:

This project is, in a word, awesome—and it's a perfect example of what a little ingenuity and dedication can produce. For this duo, it's a son’s dream brought to life and a father’s passion, as well as knowledge, used to create something that will be around for years to come and won’t end up at the back of a dusty shelf.  

What do you think about this dad and son's 3D printed Lamborghini Aventador project? Did you know an entire car could be made of 3D printed parts? Let us know what you think in the comments below. And if you're interested in learning more about all things automotive, check out the latest episode of our OCN Drives Podcast here!