The augmented reality gaming app will take its users all across the state of Colorado.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) has launched a new augmented reality app that's aimed at getting kids outside and providing educational opportunities to learn about the environment they live in.

Through the mobile gaming platform Agents of Discovery, CPW has created augmented reality adventures for 10 of the state parks here in Colorado. Missions will send users on an adventurous journey with a variety of tasks to complete. The app is free through iOS App and Google Play Store, and missions can be downloaded before heading out, so there's no need for Wi-Fi. Though, the app will use the phone’s GPS.

The following state parks are available to explore through the app: Chatfield, Cherry Creek, Barr Lake, Cheyenne Mountain, Eleven Mile, St. Vrain, Ridgeway, Steamboat Lake, Trinidad Lake, and Staunton.

Once a location is picked gamers will navigate through a series of markers on a map and complete a different challenge at each marker. Missions will include different activities, like answering questions or taking pictures, and their progress and achievements will be kept track of. Oh, and there are prizes, too! This augmented reality app also lets CPW communicate important park information to users in a more efficient fashion than simply posting on a website or signage at the parks.

It also offers special holiday-themed missions; most recently, Spooky Mission at Staunton State Park, a Halloween-themed adventure.

Agents of Discovery is an educational gaming platform that has partnered with organizations all over North America to provide these types of services. Educators can even design their own games through the platform. "Agents of Discovery empowers educators to transform the whole world into an engaging, active, and safe learning environment," states CPW.

CPW has decided to embrace it and give kids something to do at the park to combine the great outdoors and technology.  

"Over 70% of people own smartphones, so why not try to utilize this device that everyone is carrying to help educate and inform people about the cool things and places where they’re at?” said CPW Statewide Interpretation & Wildlife Viewing Coordinator Mary McCormac.

We love the idea of getting kids out to learn in our state parks through technology! It's sure to be fun for kids, and we know quite a few adults who would love to give it a try.

Have you tried out the Adventure Trails app from Colorado Parks and Wildlife yet? Sound off in the comments below.