These cameras can help workers keep tabs and interact with their fur babies while working on the front lines.

Doctors, nurses, and health care workers are putting in a lot of overtime these days. In addition to their kids and other family members, they are also missing out on time with their dogs. The makers of the Furbo Dog Camera want to thank them for all their hard work by helping them connect with their pets for free. For a limited time, health workers can get a $200 Furbo for free by visiting a special website.

While dogs across the country are enjoying their humans working from home, another set of dogs are missing parents that are working 15-hour days or more. The Furbo Camera is designed to help pet parents watch and interact with their dogs when they are away from home. 

Furbo alerts you when your dog moves around or makes noise and lets you speak to them and even toss them a treat! The camera has two light modes—blue and yellow—that get your dog's attention when you want to speak to them through the camera. Furbo alerts you when your dog is barking so you can look and see what’s wrong.

Furbo Dog Camera

Courtesy, Furbo

So how do you get one? Furbo has set up a page where medical workers can apply to get a Furbo. It will ask you how many pets you have, what the names of your pets are and what hospital you work at. The offer is available while supplies last, so share this with your friends and relatives that are health care workers. 

Furbo owners can upgrade to the Furbo Nanny service and get cloud recording, smart alerts, and smoke and carbon dioxide alerts, too. The service is free for 90 days and $69 a year after the trial period.