How do you walk your dog during a coronavirus lockdown? You deploy a drone to do the work for you. 

Many cities across the world are going into lockdown and limiting the amount of time people are allowed in the public. So, what happens to dogs who need to go outside every day?

The answer: You get creative. For one man, this meant using a scene from Back to the Future Part II as inspiration and deploying a drone as a dog-walking service.

Cyprus is currently under a state of emergency, and lockdown measures include closing down public areas and prohibiting purposeless movement. Therefore, Cyprus resident Vakis Demetriou decided to find a unique way to walk his dog without having to leave his home. On March 18, he posted a video on Facebook that featured his dog, Oliver, taking a stroll down an empty street. Oliver is on a leash, but what appears at the end of the leash isn't what you’d expect. The dog is being walked by a drone, and Demetriou is operating the flying machine from his balcony. 

The caption attached to the video says, “5th day quarantine. Stay home safe but don’t forget your dog’s happiness.” Well, it definitely looked like Demetriou was thinking about his four-legged pal’s health. At one point in the video, the dog even looks behind him as if he’s wondering where his best friend is.


5th day quarantine. Stay Home Safe but don't forget your dog happiness.. 🦠🦠🦠😇😇😇 IG: Vakis78 For media you can use the link below: 👇👇👇👇

Posted by Vakis Demetriou on Wednesday, March 18, 2020

The video exploded on social media and had 4.3 million views at the time of this writing. However, not everyone was convinced this solution was paw-sitively amazing. Some people thought about the cleanliness of the streets. The drone may be able to walk the dog, but what happens when it's time for the dog to go #2?

Others came up with their own solutions. 

So what do you think? Would you use a drone to walk your dog? Let us know your thoughts!