Notice something new about Facebook?

Overall, the big changes to the Facebook platform are not going over well with users, and they're being pretty vocal about their discontent. Did we really expect anything less from those of us who started out with America Online and dial-up?

On paper, the changes are more cosmetic than anything else. Icons are across the top instead of off to the side. Users are also reporting glitches in the functionality, not just the confusing new look.

There's a new dark mode with a grey background, supposedly to help with eye strain. This applies to Instagram as well.

For now, it looks like users can still switch back to the "old Facebook" layout, but that may not last forever. This new version is here to stay. Does anyone else feel like newer isn't always better?

With a little bit of searching, you'll find that all of the things you love about Facebook are still there ... they just may be in a different place. Read more about the changes and how they affect you here.

What do you think about the big formatting changes on Facebook? Love 'em, leave 'em, or who the heck still uses Facebook? Sound off in the comments!