America's best-selling car goes electric.

Ford turned a lot of heads when it first announced that the F-150, one of the most popular cars in the United States, would be seeing a fully electric version. While many details haven't been released to the public yet, every new announcement about the vehicle just makes people more excited. 

The electric F-150 is a promising contender on a race to be the first fully electric truck on the consumer market. Not only is this car expected to compete with the controversial Tesla Cybertruck, but it faces competition from startups like Bollinger and Rivian as well. While there aren't any clear frontrunners yet, the race to corner the electric truck market could have huge financial benefits for whatever manufacturer emerges ahead.

One of Ford's biggest hurdles in selling the F-150 is fighting the misconception that electric cars are all low-power compact vehicles. Although electric cars have been available on the market since 2010, there are still many common misunderstandings about them. A commonly cited survey conducted by Ford in 2019 shows that 42 percent of Americans still believe that fully electric cars require gasoline. To both clear up misconceptions and generate hype for the electric F-150, Ford has been using it to bust myths about electric vehicles. For instance, they released this video addressing the misconception that electric cars can't drive in snow:


Another popular misconception is that electric vehicles are incapable of towing. Ford elected to correct this in a pretty effective way: by having a single electric F-150 tow a train of railroad cars loaded with 42 F-150s (roughly a million pounds). 

Wow. Again.

Although some auto groups are reserving judgment until the electric F-150 is released, this car could be a milestone for electric vehicles as a whole. A lot of public apprehension about electric vehicles seems to stem from misunderstandings about how much these cars can accomplish. Seeing one of America's most believed cars tearing up the road with a fully electric engine could be just what the industry needs to bring about more public excitement.

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