Ford has designed a new heat-sanitizing system to kill off coronavirus bacteria in climate-control systems of police vehicles.

In an effort to curb the transmission of coronavirus and protect officers and passengers, Ford is testing a new software in its Ford Explorer Police Interceptor Utility SUVs that raises the internal temperature to 133 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes. With the help of researchers from The Ohio State University, this method has been discovered to cook off the coronavirus bacteria by 99 percent to prevent transmission and exposure.

The software works by initiating the car's climate control system and powertrain to generate heat. Manual cleaning methods are not always effective or performed often enough to curb coronavirus. Not only does this software remove bacteria from areas that are harder to clean, but it also relieves a police officer from having to take extra time in sanitizing their vehicle in favor of putting their attention towards public safety.  

Image courtesy Ford

The software has yet to be made available for use, but it can be installed into the 2013-2019 Ford Police Interceptor Utility SUV models by the dealers themselves. Depending on the model year, the software can be operated by either a smartphone app or by pressing a code in the cruise control buttons on the steering wheel. The vehicle's external lights and indicators on the digital instrument panel illuminate when the interior is being heated up and when the temperature comes back down to a safe degree.

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