Amazon customers will soon be able to have Samuel L. Jackson as the voice of Alexa—and yes, he will have an adult vocabulary.

That's right, folks. The one and only Samuel L. Jackson will be the first celebrity to lend his voice to Alexa, and we cannot find the right words to express exactly how *@%$#ing much we love this news!

On Wednesday, Amazon let the news out that for a ninety-nine-cent fee those who already own an Alexa-supported device will be able to purchase a voice package with Samuel L. Jackson. Customers can pick if they want the Hitman’s Bodyguard cursing and explicit version of Jackson, or a cleaner version. (But that's less fun, in our opinion.)

This means that customers can listen to the legendary actor’s voice when they need a weather update, want to hear a joke, play music, hear the "Happy Birthday" song, set timers and alarms, and more. Users can even learn more about him by asking about his interests and career, according to the product description. However, he will not be able to assist with skills, lists, reminders, or shopping.

After the intro period, the service will rise to $4.99 a month, and users can toggle between clean and explicit versions as needed. We can certainly think of a few situations where it would be both totally appropriate (and totally inappropriate) to have Jackson drop a curse word, or 10.

Once the new voice option goes live, all users have to do to activate is say is "Alexa, introduce me to Samuel L. Jackson."

We're super excited to hear this news—and can’t imagine we are alone in it. What do you think? Do you want Samuel L. Jackson as the Alexa voice assistant on your phone? Who do you want to see next as a celebrity voice to Alexa? Sound off in the comments below.